Thanks Bill For Selling Our House

January 31, 2011



Bill Navarra and Realty Pros

1450 W. Granada Blvd. Suite 1

Ormond Beach, Fl. 32174



Dear Bill and Staff:


                We arrived at our new home, The Quadrangle,  a Senior Care Center on January 15th and have been settling into our apartment. My computer was just set up yesterday and I am writing to you to thank you for the service you rendered us by selling our Ormond Beach home. 


                You will recall we had several conversations with you over a relatively long period of time but were fearful of putting our house up for sale because of the housing market in Florida. The conversations with you allowed us to learn your comfortable business style and personality. We finally committed to selling and signed the contract with you and the house was listed on September 8, 2010. 


                We were quite surprised and pleased, after all the stories we had heard about the housing market, that we had people and Realtors going through the house from the start. Your office staff was very solicitous about making appointments so as not to disturb us too much. We often heard complimentary remarks about the house from buyers and Realtors. After receiving two very low offers which we declined, we realized that Thanksgiving was approaching and that traffic in the house would be very slow for the balance of the year. Thankfully you soon called with a respectable bid and a satisfactory settlement date that would allow us to pack for our move. We readily accepted. Settlement was arranged and went as smoothly as anyone could hope. The house was on the market for 85 days. 


                The entire transaction was well conducted by you and your office people with minimal disturbance to us and an outcome that allowed us to move on with our lives. You made the task for the sellers as uncomplicated as we could have hoped and both my wife and I are deeply appreciative of your work. We will not hesitate to recommend you and in actual fact have already done so. You made a dreaded chore into a wonderful experience and we are most grateful.



More Than Just An Ormond Beach REALTOR!

Great Job Bill Navarra!

In this economy and having to sell "as is" I was thinking that my home for sale was going to sit awhile. It was after I changed my old realtor and decided to go with a face I had seen on many properties for sale, that things really took off. Bill Navarra is more than a realtor. He is personable, genuine, and ALWAYS available. Some people have a compassion for their job and you can tell by how they treat the people for whom they work with. Bill is just that person. He treated us with caring, and concern. He went above and beyond. And in this type of business there are alot of emotional and sometimes devistated people..your dealing with peoples lives and future. Bill takes this whole-heartedly.He had our home sold in such a short time, "as is", AND at our asking price! Our home was viewed only twice and it was sold to the 2nd potential buyer! We didnt have to go through agonizing worries, disappointments and let-downs. I'm still amazed it was sold by the 2nd viewing! Needless to say, the buyer is amazed at what he got as well. Our dreams and our future for our son can now begin and thats a blessing. Thank-you Bill, for caring and for your professionalism. I have recommended you to so many people. If this was something that I had to do again, you would definately be the man! But thanks to you....I wont have to.

May God continue to bless you.

Wendy Douglas~Winchell Thank-you for the beautful house"warming" gift.

Ormond Beach Home Sold In Only 14 Days!

Dear Bill Navarra,

Kathy and I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for the speedy manner in which you sold our home. Your expertise and attention to detail made this a trully enjoyable experience. To go from listing to closing in four weeks and get 98% of the asking price was especially gratifying. Again, we thank you and wish you all the best in your endeavors. 

Mike and Kathy Herman, Ormond Beach

First Time Home Buyer - Ormond Beach, FL

Dear Bill,

There just aren't enough words to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation, for all that you have shown and done purchasing our first home. From the very begining to the very end, your real estate knowledge and helpfullness is truly admirable. As first time home buyers there was never a moment did we feel any pressure or problems. Each step in the home buying process was explained to us and just made very effortless. Your intergrity and gratitude is highly commendable. Realty Pros and Associates is so very fortunate to have such a valuable first time home buyer expert. Denny and I are so happy in our new home, we just love it. I must admit, we still can't believe all the space we now have. We are having so much fun. Thank you so much for the beautiful door knocker, it's just perfect! Please feel free to use it anytime you're in the neighborhood. Thank you again Bill Navarra, we will continue to recommend you and Realty Pros and Associates. May the future ahead be filled with God's Great Blessings. 

Dennis and Beth Beazling, Ormond Beach, FL

First Time Seller!

Dear Bill Navarra,

I am writing you this letter to thank you for a job well done! We appreciate your professional, but "down to earth" attitude! You were very friendly and helpful to first time home sellers and we will certainly recommend you as a REALTOR when we have the opportunity. I wish you continued success in your real estate endeavours and thank you again for helping us sell our house quickly and smoothly.

May God bless you!  Rob Hawkins

Bought and Sold Our Home Through Bill Navarra

Dear Bill Navarra, 

I would like to take a moment to thank you and your staff for helping make my move the best experience that anyone who hasn't moved in 23 years could ever hope for. My REALTOR, Bill Navarra, was a great asset to helping me sell and buy a new home in a matter of weeks. He answered all my calls at any time of day, and we actually became friends over and above the customer and REALTOR relationship. I would highly recommend him as a REALTOR and his group at Realty Pros and Associates to anyone who is ever thinking about buying a home or selling a home. Being in sales myself, I know that it's a hard job and has a lot of different aspects to it. He is a champ at real estate customer service and he's a really great guy. I felt that he had my best interest at heart and sometimes he was more interested in solving the little problems that popped up than I was. We just wanted to take a moment to tell Bill Navarra what a great job he's doing and that he is thought of highly by the Lea family. 

Virginia Lea

My Beach Home - Daytona Beach, FL

Dear Bill,

This is just a short note to let you know how much help Bill Navarra was to me finding my "beach house" here in Daytona Beach. Coming from the hustle and bustle of Orlando, FL it was a pleasure working with Bill Navarra. His down to earth but professional attitude was refreshing. Thanks again, and I will refer Bill Navarra  and Realty Pros and Associates to anyone I possibly can in the future. 

M. Stewart, Daytona Beach

Ormond Beach Home Sold in 14 Days and for Full Price!

Thank you Bill Navarra,

If it weren't for your hard work and caring as our REALTOR, I don't think my house would have been sold so fast and for full price. I just wish I didn't spend 4 months with that other REALTOR. Thank you and I wish you the best for the new year and many more.

Rosemary Simpson, Tymber Creek Ormond Beach

Tymber Creek Home Sold in 13 Days for Full Price!

Bill Navarra, 

Thank you for selling my home for 100% of asking price and only in 13 days.

Paul Stelter, Tymber Creek Ormond Beach

Breakaway Trails Home Sold In Only 42 Days!

Dear Bill,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for selling our Breakaway Trails home. After having it on the market with another agent for 6 frustrating months, it was a relief to work with you and have the property sell in 5 weeks for the price we wanted! We appreciate your professionalism and diligent efforts. We were always able to reach you at a moment's notice. Our only regret is that we didn't choose Bill Navarra to start with. We wish you all the best and highly recommend your services. 

The Rice's, Breakaway Trails, Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach Home Home For Sale

Bill Navarra,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the tremendous work you did for me and my family as our REALTOR. I was a nervous wreck when I first decided to sell my home, but thanks to your personal touch you made selling my home a very exciting experience. Bill Navarra said to me, I quote, "Orlando don't worry, I will do my best to insure you get the best service and price for your home". While in doubt, you still took the time to guide me through the home selling process. You made me feel like I was your only real estate client. You are true to your word, when you sold my house in just 35 days and to top it off, you were absolutely right when you said "I would get top dollar for my home." I thank you very much for making me feel comfortable with choosing you as my real estate agent. Your "no nonsense" approach to selling homes and exceptional real estate professionalism made my unnecessary worry go away. What impressed me the most about Bill Navarra, was the fact that I was never alone to see the results come to fruition. I strongly believe that personal involvement with a real estate client is of the utmost importance, and you delivered! I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Bill Navarra and Realty Pros and Associates to my friends and family.

Sincerely yours,

Orlando and Thelma Louise, Ormond Beach

Closing On A House

Hi Bill,

Just wanted to say thanks for helping my mother sell her house so quickly. It is amazing when everything falls into place so well. I realize we were a little bit lucky like you in mentioned finding that right buyer but having you as our REALTOR set up everything and working well with my mom helped greatly. Thanks again for your professionalism. 

Doug Eibeck

Cannot Imagine Buying Our Home Without Your Help!

Bill Navarra,


Just wanted to write a quick note. We simply cannot imagine buying our home without your help. You're certainly one of the best people we've had the privilege to meet since we've moved here. I'm glad we got to know you a little, and I hope our paths cross in the future. Thanks so much for all your help. Oh, and my wife thinks the blanket is awesome.



Thank You Bill Navarra!

Hi Bill Navarra and Amy (Realty Pros & Associates)

I would like to thank you for taking the time to help me during my appraisal, the information you provided allowed me to complete an accurate report, with a strong understanding of the area.

Thank you

Daily Appraisal

Bill Navarra - Real Estate Knowledge!

Bill Navarra,

Thank you for a job well done.  Your professional attitude, real estate knowledge and prompt follow up made us confident that we would sell our home despite the economy.  When the perfect home buyer finally saw our home, your REALTOR negotiating skills enabled us to close the deal.  We thank you for always taking our call, for promptly returning our call and for understanding the importance of covering every detail regardless of the day of the week or time of day.  We also thank your staff at Realty Pros and Associates for their real estate competence, they represent you very well.

We wish you success as you continue to grow Realty Pros and Associates and help many people with their real estate investments.  

Grace & Peter Rowe

Thank You Bill!

Dear Bill,
First, I wanted to thank you for selling our family home in Daytona Beach, FL so quickly!  You had the listing for less than three months and our home was sold and closed within that time! WOW!!! In this market, that is incredible!!!
Since our first converstaion in February, I could tell you knew what you were doing regarding pricing and marketing strategy. 
I was impressed with your comprehensive marketing plan and how you recommended setting the price to capture multiple categories of potential buyers that would be seraing the MLS online.  Smart!!!  Living 3,000 miles away from our property, it was hard to know whom to trust with the listing of our home.  I had previously listed our home with an agent that brought little traffic and zero offers in the 3 months we had listed with them. This person was also hard to communicate with and always seemed to have an excuse as to why people were not interested in our home.
You were the total opposite.  You thought we had a very nice home and the upgrades we made improved the value.  You communicated with me on  a regular basis.  Your response to my emails and calls were quick and thorough.  You also provided me with updates of physical traffic coming though our home as well as the views you were receiving on your website.  All this made me feel even more confident that I had made the right choice listing our home with you. 
Of course the proof of your success and ours is that we listed our home with you on March 6, 2012 amd we closed the sale of our home on June 1, 2012 at a very reasonable sales price. 
I sincerely appreciate all you did for us and I can highly recommend your service to others. 
You will be a good fit for a seller that wants to list their property with a realtor that has a great marketing strategy, has their finger on the pulse of reality of the market place, is communicative, responsive and takes swift action to help close the deal! 
Thank you for all of your help!
Clare Rice Dreyer
Very Satisfied Seller of our Daytona Beach, FL Home 

Glad Bill was on my side

   When selecting a Realty professional to sell your home you
need to be very choosy. You are entrusting this individual with the sale of
probably your most valuable physical asset. Whether you succeed, or fail, in
this sales transaction will be determined, in large measure, by the quality of
potential buyers that can be attracted to visit the home and walk the property.
This is Marketing - plain and simple. Some Realty professionals, like Bill
Navarra, understand this basic concept and are sales leaders, others are sales
wannabes. Always hire the leader.
   Bill Navarra excels at Marketing and Sales negotiations
because he “lives” the process, it’s part of his DNA. Starting with the
comparable analysis, through the listing process, and the production of a
professional produced video/slide show, everything is geared to: Price, Market,
and Sell the property in an expeditious manner. Creating a win/win scenario between the Seller and the Buyer ensures that both parties receive value for value given.
   Bill has a support staff that readily provides Field and
Office logistical and paperwork support in a timely manner, sometimes under
severe time constraints, so that all reasonable Buyer queries and visits are
properly coordinated. This conveys a high level of responsiveness demanded in
the real estate selling and buying process.
   I’m a difficult person to satisfy and demand as high a level
of skill and ability in my Realtor as I show as we stage the property for each
and every visitor. No excuses given, no excuses accepted. I also appreciate Bill’s
listening ability as we discussed pricing and selling negotiation strategy.
Bill does not drive the sale based on price but rather on value.
   Bills’ not perfect . . . but he is damn good. I’m glad he
was on my side.

Richard Toye

Happy Clients!

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for you help in marketing and selling our home! Ann and I were very impressed with your responsiveness, professionalism, and knowledge. The listing and pictures were excellent! Tim Curtis was correct in saying you were the agent we needed! I sent a review of you to Zillow and Trulia. Please feel free to use those reviews as you wish.
Lastly, thank you for the gift pack, and the very generous gift to Toscana. We really enjoy the food there, and will put your gift certificate to good use!

Thanks Again,

Bob & Ann Large

10 out of 10!

We recently moved from Parker Colorado to Palm Coast Florida and Bill and his team provided a world class experience throughout the entire process and transition. Their in depth knowledge of the area and marketplace allowed us to buy and move into our new home in less than 30 days.... truly a remarkable feat! Due to their knowledge, experience and high personal touch along every step of the process, (including continued follow up after we moved in) we felt this was easily the best move we've ever made. We highly recommend Bill and Realty Pros Assured for any real estate transaction.... Truly a World Class Team and easily a 10 on a scale of 10!
Thank you Bill & Team
Ray & Cheryl Zukowski

Bill is the Best!!


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After working with a few agents and not feeling our best interests were being served, we contacted Bill Navarra to represent us in the purchase of land. We decided that he is a perfect match for the profession. First, he has great knowledge of the immediate and surrounding communities. There was never a question he couldn't answer. He surrounds himself with resources that he can go to to get correct and reliable information. Next, he is a great judge of people and can read situations on several levels as transactions are in progress. His negotiating skills are sharp and effective and he produces great results. Finally, and most important, as his client you feel like you are his priority and have his full attention. He responds immediately and acts quickly. He is knowledgeable, upfront, trustworthy, honest, personable, and an absolute pleasure to work with in a business where those qualities are not always easy to find. He is the best we have seen.

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